Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gorgeous Quilt is Done–365!


As the sun shone through the windows this morning the quilting design became more visible and I thought I’d finally be able to get a photo where you could see it..

I took a lot of photos and this shows it best.

It has been so long since I designed this quilting design I have no idea how I came up with it – but I am quite sure I did several pages of sketches.

It unifies and connects the lines created with the pink strips in the piecing.


You might even be able to see the detail better in this gray scale image.

Yes, this is the 365th quilt I have finished in the years I have been quilting. It has been almost 45 years since I finished the first successful quilt.At that time it was extremely difficult to find fabrics, batting and other quilting tools. I used scraps of fabrics from clothing I had made and a cardboard template to trace around for 2 x 4 inch finished pieces. My, how times have changed!

I guess my average time then to make a quilt is 45 days! This one was in the works for 15 years – start to finish.


Janet Jo Smith said...

It's beautiful Kay. I love the piecing and the quilting definitely compliments the design.

Lisa said...

I love the quilting. The design is beautiful too. Good job!

Anonymous said...

365 is a beautiful quilt.... 15 years is a LONG time.... can't wait to see what is NEXT

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous indeed!

Mary Stori said...

Fabulous! I'm truly intimiated!!