Friday, June 1, 2012

Still More Potato Chip Quilts From Australia


Wendy Luff cut strips from her stash and added double zinger highlights. She was surprised at how easily it went together. 65” x 75”. Professionally quilted by Kay’s Quilts.


This is Duck Egg Blue by Kay White who used a Moda jelly roll in duck egg blue, golds and caramels with zingers in hand dyed accents. 60” x 70”. Professionally quilted by herself.


Susan Camm used a jelly roll of 25 fabrics, then added in a further 15 plus borders etc from her own stash to make a bed-sized quilt 69” x 75” called Pink Jelly. Professionally quilted by Kay’s Quilts.


Accented with Raspberries and Leaves is the second quilt by Wendy Luff. She used a Moda jelly roll of fabrics which included white, spots, green and red. It has a polar fleece back to make it really snuggly.

One of the things that makes all these quilts so successful is the choice of the “chips” or zingers.

I believe these were all shown at the Queanbeyan Quilters Exhibition.

I will have one more post showing more quilts from this group. What an enthusiastic group!

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