Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quilting Tutorial–Marking Difficult Fabric–Part 2

For the triangular spaces I had left to quilt on the each side of the quilt I chose to use straight lines. The piece didn’t call for any more curved quilting lines.

quiltforjessicasroommarkingandquilting 1stsetoflines

I used a ruler and my Chalkoner to mark a set of lines to quilt on one of the triangles.


The next step was to quilt this set of lines.


Using the even feed foot I am continuing quilting all the lines I have drawn.


To stitch the second set of lines 1/2 inch to the right of the first set I put the needle in the far right position and followed the first stitching with the left edge of the presser foot.


I drew the second set of lines on the other side of the triangle the same way I drew the first set.

I stitched all the lines starting at the inside edge of the triangle section and finished at the outer edge of the quilt.

I stitched the drawn lines first and then set the needle position to the far left and stitched 1/2 inch away from the lines.


This shows the complete quilting on one of the triangles. I did one triangle at a time from start to finish.

By the time I finished each triangle you could no longer see the lines I had marked with my Chalkoner.

I really enjoy the quilting process. I enjoy doing the stitching and I love to see how the quilting that is done in harmony with the quilt adds so much to the piece.

I feel like I am on the home stretch with this quilt as I only have to trim the edges, bind it and add casings to both the top and bottom edges


bettyp said...

what a beautiful job you did on this quilt!! I love it!!

bonnie banks said...

That's my weakest thing....always afraid that I'll wreck it with the quilting after all my hard working making it!