Thursday, June 7, 2012

Contemplating A New Shibori Composition

Looking at all my fabrics I have dyed this season arranged together gets my creative juices flowing.

I am fortunate to have a lot of design wall space so I can have multiple pieces under consideration at the same time.

I rarely work on one piece from start to finish.


This is a close up of the fabrics I am using as I create this piece.

If you look carefully you will see I am using the fabrics that are second from the left, the middle three and the second from the right.WIshiboriquilt2inprogress1

The three center fabrics were originally one fabric I underpainted. Then I cut that piece in 3 and pole wrapped each piece individually.

I am using two different fabrics as separating and border strips. I am trying to decide which ones I like the best. It is also possible I might use something entirely different.

The colors are much softer than what I ordinarily use in my work – with the exception of the red.


I also remembered I had some multicolor rick rack. I inserted that in one of the seams to see if I like the effect. the jury is still out on that idea and unless I have at least 2 more packages of it I can’t do it.

I like to share pieces as I work on them. It is a good record for me. It also gives you some insight into the way I work and how I get where I am going, with many detours along the way!


LynDee said...

My quick comment...for your consideration. 1. Turn the background fabric 180' so the pink is closer to the bottom 2. use the rick rack as it comes off the spool...I did that on a recent small quick (no matching) and I really liked the effect.

LynDee said...

It would help if I could spell quilt!

Robin said...

I like the 2 border strips on the right better- they are deeper colors. The rickrack is too cutsy for my taste and distracting. Maybe on the outside border.