Thursday, May 31, 2012

Potato Chip Quilts Are Alive And Well In Australia

My tutorial for my potato chip quilt made it to Australia and is thriving if these quilts are any indication!

Thanks to my friend Cassandra I have many new ones to show you.

I’ll share some today and more another day.


Autumn Toned by Robyn McPherson used an autumn toned Moda jelly roll to make this quilt, adding in two highlight squares between strips, one square in wide wale corduroy and one square in the border fabric of autumn leaves. 69” x 75”


For from Sky blue to Indigo Robyn McPherson used two packs of 20 Bali prints cut as 2 ½” strips in blues from indigo to sky blue, then added dyed fabric accents. 60” x 75. Professionally quilted by Kay’s Quilts


Robyn McPherson used a Moda jelly roll in natural colours highlighted by Dalmatian spots in positive and negative. 69” x 75” Professionally quilted by Kay’s Quilts.


Robyn McPherson used 30 strips of various creams, from buttermilk, yellow through to caramel. Interspersed with fussy-cut squares of gold-painted African style fabric. 69” x 75”. Professionally quilted by Kay’s Quilts.

The Kay’s Quilts mentioned as the quilter is not me!

Robyn seems to be the most prolific of the Potato Chip quilters so far!

Her selection of fabrics for each one is so unique.

Thanks Cassandra for sending me these photos and writing the descriptions for me.

If you missed the tutorial for the Potato Chip Quilt you can find it here:

The name of the version in the tutorial is Sunrise – Sunset.

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Robbie said...

Just because I love earth tones...I'm really liking the last one in this post of the creams/carmel/etc. Interesting technique and so great the Potato Chip quilters are following your technique!!