Sunday, May 6, 2012

Luscious Colors, Great Shibori Textures–Part 2

suzieandkayhand dye shibori 4


As I show you these pieces, remember – Suzie’s are again on the left and mine are on the right.

This is the other wrap that we both did in the same color. The results could not be more different on these two.

suzieandkayhand dye shibori5

These were done with multiple layers of fabric on the pole. Again, each of ours were very different.

suzieandkayhand dye shibori 006

In addition to our squares/rectangles we each did two longer pieces. This gave us an opportunity to use some other techniques.

I love both of these.

suzieandkayhand dye shibori7

These are our final pieces – again a very different way of rolling them on the poles.


As you look at these, you can see that even though I was “the teacher” and Suzie was the student mine were not any better than hers.

I have been doing shibori for many years, albeit much more recently.

There is so much serendipity when you do shibori on the poles that you never know exactly what you are going to get.

I think that and the fact that I LOVE color are why I keep making new fabrics.

I definitely intend to create some compositions with these this summer.

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Robbie said...

I just love the two colors together!!! Of course each pattern is wonderful too!! But the colors!!! BEAUTIFUL!