Sunday, May 27, 2012

Family, Food, Fun And A Little Work Thrown In!

It was great having my Minnesota family here for the last two days.


The only time I can get everyone in the same picture is at dinner!

fluffy meatloaf

Dinner was Fluffy Meatloaf (from the Betty Crocker Cookbook), baked potatoes and broccoli in cheese sauce.

Dessert was home made chocolate cookies that Julie and Jessica made.


I have a set of 7 matching placemats I made. They fit the table perfectly and there was one for each of us.

Why would anyone make a set of 7 placemats? Sets usually have 4, 6, or 8.


I made this quilt and had a lot of leftover strips sets and triangles. Ten units was a perfect size and shape for a placemat. I had enough for 7 placemats!

Everyone had worked up a good appetite.

Early in the day we all worked moving furniture and deciding what furniture should go where and whether to save or get rid of many things. Greg and Nicholas brought a desk upstairs from the guest room. What did I do with the desk? Why did we work so hard? Tune in next time for “The Rest Of The Story”!

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Robbie said...

Nothing like family is there, Kay! And your 7 placemats are a hoot! but worked out so well didn't they.
I'm just getting caught up on reading your shibori design pieces/photos! Each time i think I like 'that one', you come up with a new arrangement! The fabrics are beautiful...the purple is my favorite...well, maybe the turquoise...or maybe the blue...or......