Friday, May 11, 2012

Lesson On Doing You Own Shibori Fabrics

I have been asked how I do the shibori I do.

Probably the best advice is to take a class from Jan Myers Newbury.

Many of the techniques I use are proprietary from Jan’s classes and it would not be ethical to share them.

If you can’t do that and you have a rudimentary knowledge of bucket dyeing you can use these three suggestions  to manipulate your own fabric.

1. Fold

2. Twist

3. Turn

Karol Kusmail shibori panels

Yes, you can come up with your OWN ways of wrapping your PVC poles or simply folding fabric.

I posted these suggestions on a mail list and got these photos from Karol Kusmaul.

Karol Kusmaylshibori and indigo

She labeled this one shibori and indigo.

As I studied these I am not even sure she did these on a pole which is called Arashi Shibori.

She probably did them by manipulating them in other ways.

So no more excuses, create your own designs. I’d love to see them and if you send them to me I’ll post them on this blog if that is OK with you.

UPDATE: I just got this message from Karol-

All except two were pole wrapped.  The first of the four panels was just twisted around itself and wrapped.  The one I called indigo was just wadded up and added to the dye after I ‘painted’ dye onto the pole wrapped pieces.  Now to just decide how to use them!!!



Eva said...

Oh wow this is tremendous.

Jeanne Marklin said...

I'd second the suggestion to take a class with Jan. She's the best! I've taken 3 with her, and learn something every time. Most of my work is now made with fabric I have done on poles or with clamping. The process is so wonderful - serendipity every time!