Friday, May 25, 2012

Once A Collector, Always A Collector


When I was in Texas a few years ago I saw my first beaded Coca Cola bag and I just had to have one. I think I have finished my collection – that is unless I find a pink one or a yellow one!

Where do I find these pretties? Why eBay of course. I have paid as little as $1.99 for one and as much as $30.00.

The first thing I remember collecting was marbles, but I’m am sure I collected something even before that.

For me the criteria for collecting something is it has to be colorful and be something I connect to. I only collect very affordable things.

The connection to these bags is obvious if you know me – this is my beverage of choice.


And then there is the collection I started accidentally!

I am sure many of you are familiar with Pandora charms.

I was walking down the street in Santa Fe and as I passed one of my favorite shops one of the sales associates was outside and she remarked on the necklace I was wearing and I commented on hers. Hers was Pandora.I had never heard of Pandora before that. I thought I’d just buy a few Pandora charms to add to the necklace I was wearing.

Well, let’s just say I fell in love with too many of them and another collection was born.

When I returned home, Seebecks, my favorite gallery was carrying them and it was easy to add a few to my collection every now and then.

My favorite ones are the glass ones – again no surprise as I love colored glass – bottles, windows,dishes, drinking glasses, you name it!

Do you see a color story happening with these collections?

Yes, I get just as much or more pleasure from these things as I would get from diamonds, vintage automobiles, rare antiques or expensive paintings by famous artists.

And that is good, because those things don’t fit in my budget!!!!

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