Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last Hurrah Dyeing Fabric This Season! Many Techniques

In reality you could call this my 4th last hurrah.  I said when I finished dyeing a large group of fabrics almost 3 weeks ago I was done for the season.

Well, if you read this blog regularly you know I did a dyeing session when my friend Suzie visited and then a few days later my friend Peggy and I did some experimental dyeing.

When Peggy and I finished I still had a lot of dye left to use so I made it a priority to use if all up – 28 pieces of dyed fabric later – I used it all!

I also used all the fabric I had prewashed to dye in anticipation of the current dyeing sessions.


I particularly loved this as it was a real sunset coloration for this Sunset Kind Of Girl. I had not achieved anything like these colors previously.

I used a variety of techniques creating these fabrics.

Shibori, over dyeing, parfait dyeing, ice dyeing and some unique folding techniques created these fabrics.


This was one of the folded ones.


This used a variety of techniques.


I have heard of ice dyeing, but I made up my own method of doing it. I was thrilled with the results. I was so pleased the way this one turned out. Like many fabrics, it is even better in person. You just can’t quite duplicate the effect on a computer.


Vicki said...

Well done, Kay. Absolutely stunning!

Robin said...

Love the sunset and the ice dying. Are you sure that you're done?
I have enjoyed all your results.

Eva said...

Surprising encounters in space

Lorrie said...

Those fabrics look so yummy. That has to be so much fun and addicting. The end results are amazing.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Although I have been dyeing fabrics off and on for years, this was the first time I really was able to have the right space, temperature, humidity and time to create a lot – almost 200 pieces.
Some of them are the size of a sheet of paper, some are larger.
The largest is probably just under a yard.
Now I can’t wait to design with them back “Up North”!