Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anticipating A Week Of Quilting and ……………

Suzie arrival 001

My friend Suzie arrived. We try to spend a week each year doing some type of quilting retreat.

We have been doing them at my house now for a few years.

We each work on whatever we want.

She didn’t even have to bring her sewing machine this year as Lynn brought hers over so Suzie could use it.

We each have to finish our section of the Slice quilt that Tommy Fitzsimmons is facilitating. Suzie’s is almost done. Mine is done in my head and everything is ready to assemble. The planning/designing takes longer than the actual construction.

We also will do a little fabric dyeing – shibori that is!

We eat in or out depending on what we feel like doing.

We also find a little time to shop – maybe.

It’s a relaxing enjoyable week while we catch up on what is happening in our busy lives.

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Kay Webb said...

How awesome is that?????? I'm so jealous. I never get asked to play that quilt game.....boo hoo!!!

Being in YOUR HEAD is a very scary place so I can't wait to see what evolves for your part.

I have a cold so am a little miserable but will email you later tonight about some stuff.
Your alter ego Kay