Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yes, There Really Are Some Young People In Florida!


I had a visit from a good friend’s son and his daughter and son the other evening.

What a neat cute happy family. I just love this picture of the three of them.

One reason for the visit was I was helping them accomplish a secret mission!

We had a spaghetti dinner before the mission and it was so much fun to cook for a teenage boy with a voracious appetite. His Dad wasn’t far behind in that area! His sister enjoyed the meal too.

After dinner they completed the mission – one at a time in my golf cart with Dad. It was fun visiting with each of the kids alone. I heard all about their recent cruise and saw the photos.

They are really neat kids and I really enjoyed visiting with them.

After the mission was accomplished we had strawberry shortcake for dessert on the lanai. It was a big hit.

I shared some stories about their grandparents who I had known for 50 years. They enjoyed hearing the stories.

Often we don’t share the stories of our lives with our children and grandchildren.

Think about making that a priority when you spend time with your family if you have children or grandchildren.

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