Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rolling Toward the Dye Buckets!

You never know what direction our projects will take.

Yesterday was not really a project day.

We visited the Yarn Lady and Suzie was introduced to the glorious yarns in the shop. Her suitcases will be a little fuller on the trip home.

Then we went to lunch at B D Beans in Belleview. They always add something new to “the d├ęcor”!


We sat at my favorite table in front of the fireplace and I took this photo of what was currently in the fireplace. Eat your heart out as I know you’ll be jealous when you see this!!!!!!!

After we came home we both finished our slice quilts and packages them to mail today. The mail lady just picked up the package 10 minutes ago so they are on their way to Tommy Fitzsimmons.

Our evening agenda consisted of wrapping poles for today’s mini shibori dyeing session.

rolledpoles 001

These are our poles ready for the dye buckets. There are also two scrunchies – one for each bucket so we will have a sample of the colors of the dye we used.

The poles are currently in the buckets and have been for 1/2 hour. Only 45 minutes to go until rinse out and wash out.


Robin said...

Can't wait to see the new results. It's like opening presents! I'm sure we'll get a puzzle too.

Katie said...

I want to try this so badly. But please tell me, do you use cotton fabric or is it a poly blend? And do you use procion mx dyes or sabracon?