Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Someone Is Having A Ball Today!

I  shared two balls of yarn with you recently.

They were Gift Balls and needed to be unwound to find the gift(s).


This is one of the yarn balls as the recipient received it.


As they begin to unwind it the contents start to reveal themselves.


Oh, another gift!


Yet another gift!


Still another gift!


This polymer key chain was at the center of the ball.

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog you may recognize the “gift” as the amulets I make. Before I made these gift balls the only way anyone had ever received an amulet was when they came to visit me. They received two on their first visit – one to keep and one to share with a friend. On each subsequent visit they receive one.

The recipients of these gift balls were the first two people to receive amulets without making a visit. For one of the recipients these were her first amulets. I am quite sure she was not even aware of them as she doesn’t read blogs. The other recipient has a collection of amulets and is one of my biggest fans!

This was not my original idea. I found it on Pinterest.

gift ball pinterest

If you use this idea be sure to add a tag to the outside of the ball.

Feel free to use this idea to give gifts to graduates, for weddings, birthdays or any other gift giving occasions.

You could hide money inside. What else can YOU think of to conceal inside a gift ball?


Mary Stori said...

VERY clever Kay....tx's for the great idea!

Robin said...

What a lovely gift box- it extends the drama and elevates the excitement. Thanks for sharing.