Monday, May 14, 2012

Quilt Composition From Last Hurrah Dyed Fabrics



I put three of my favorite fabrics from my last dyeing hurrah together on my design wall.

They work well together, but I probably will do more with them.

Will I use them together or with totally different fabrics?

Putting fabrics together on the design wall is usually the first step for me in designing a new quilt.


last hurrrahbluegreenyellow

I haven’t shared this piece before. It is almost a yard. I was trying to use up all the mixed dyes when I created it, but found it necessary to mix a little blue and a little yellow to make it work.

I’m quite pleased with it. I may use it as a whole piece or I may cut it up and use sections of it in various compositions.

There are sections of this piece that I feel are very strong for design purposes, and other sections that appear weak to me.


Robbie said...

I'm just getting caught up (again!) on blog reading!!! Love all your fabrics you and friends have done/been doing!! ATC's turned out great too! Isn't that fun!! I have mine in a book that has the plastic trading card holders. I look through it often and I too am just amazed at how different we each work and yet how great they each are!! Have a safe trip home!!

Jennifer Woo said...

Love your dyed fabric. I gave fabric dyeing a shot a couple of year ago and was very unhappy with the results. I got washed out colors and just flat color on the fabric. Is there a special trick to achieving your results??

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Dyeing Secrets Or Tips

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

message went out before I finished
1. Start with PFD fabric
2. Use Procion MX dyes
3. Get dyeing directions either from Pro Chemical And Dye
4. Or Paula Burch website

Even better - Take Carol Soderlund's Fabric dyeing class and you will end up with so many color samples and you'll know just how to create them


Take Jan Myers Newbury's shibori classes and you can create awesome shibori dyed fabrics


Spend a lot of time dyeing fabric and it will just get better and better!

Patrica said...

Beautiful color should inspire beautiful quilts. Keep us posted!

Vicki said...

Very pretty indeed! I usually design a quilt then pick fabrics but with your hand dyed's I see why you would start with the fabrics. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Peggy said...

Spectacular! Makes me want to go play....

Robin said...

Really like the large piece- the small orange works well with the other but the pink seems incongruous. Nothing ties it to the other 2 pieces.

Have fun with the fabrics and a safe drive north.