Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Fabric Dyeing Experiments

I did all the rinsing and wash out for all the fabrics Peggy and I dyed Monday.

I scanned or photographed them all and only sent two pictures to her. She did see the blog post.

peggylooking atfabric

I neatly packaged all her fabrics together and took them to our quilt meeting so she could have them.

Here she is opening the “package” and seeing the fabrics for the first time. This group of 3 fabrics that she parfait dyed were so awesome.


These are the three fabrics in this parfait. She thought they wouldn’t turn out as she was sure she used too much dye. I had the same reaction when I removed the fabrics from the container. Were we ever wrong. These are amazing. 

Parfait dyeing wasn’t what we had planned to do, but after doing our experiments we had so much dye left so I came up with ways to used up more of it. I wasn’t even sure how to do this and didn’t have my book here so we winged it. Although we didn’t follow the Anne Johnston method, I was particularly pleased with what happened.


This is the group of fabrics I parfait dyed. They are nice, but certainly don’t compare to what Peggy did.


This is another piece of fabric I created when trying to use up the dyes. It has an interesting patterning.

I intend to shibori dye over it.


This is another one of Peggy’s experimental fabrics. the patterning that happened is very interesting.

Even remembering how we created these, they are fabrics that can’t be duplicated. Each one is a surprise.

I said I was done dyeing for this season two dye sessions ago. There is still mixed dye left so I will over dye or dye a few pieces in the next day or two to use up the dyes.


Peggy said...

This was such fun and you made it more so with your "surprise" presentation! Now I have to decide how to use these to do them justice. I hate to cut some of them - may have to "grow" a little outside my conventionality!!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I havae seen you grow with your work in the almost 8 years I've known you. I have no doubt you will continue to grow.
Spread those wings wider!!!!!!