Monday, July 30, 2012

An Olympic Quilt Effort


I spent time today sewing the parts of this quilt together. There were no logical seams in the entire quilt. Each piece had to be ironed to square it up, measured and trimmed to fit. The sewing had to be accurate. Sometimes seams had to be sewn corner to corner and other times it was necessary to leave one end of a seam open a little.There were many places I had to inset one piece into another.  I’m very pleased with the completed top. If it weren’t for my strong clothing  construction background I don’t think I could have made this happen.

I’ll take that Gold Medal for challenging piecing now!

I hope I also win one for quilting this!


This is the final arrangement of the quilt before I sewed it together.


You can see proportions change slightly when you sew something like  this together.

The L shaped pieces you see are really large rectangles, yet to be trimmed.

There are also others than under and overlapped each other.

The size of certain sections could not be accurately determined until the adjacent sections were sewn together.

To look at this you might not guess it would be as challenging as it was.

Now it is your turn to put this puzzle together and win a Gold medal!
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Nina-Marie said...

ohh I love the use of the shibori hand dyeds to add texture and yeahhhh it took me forever to master an inset seam!! great job!

ART said...

Having taken two shibori classes with you I know the labor behind making the fabrics in today's blog. It is wonderful to see the final use in a cohesive piece. Well donel!

Robbie said...

It's a wonderful piece! Great job at construction!

Cathy Tomm said...

Great fabrics. I love the dark one.

Jeanne Marklin said...

The construction is amazing. I know that it is very difficult to do, and especially when you're working with fabrics that were already a lot of work.