Monday, July 9, 2012

Quilts For Sale

I have had several questions/requests asking if my quilts are for sale.

Most of them are.

I don’t want to make my blog a commercial for selling quilts.

I am wondering if I should just add a separate blog listing quilts for sale?

Does anyone have a better idea – other than a website which I really can’t take the time for right now?

I’d appreciate your comments and suggestions.


Linda Moran said...

Hi Kay - you should be able to put up a separate page within your blog for your quilts. What blogging platform are you using? I set up several separate pages on my blog for "other" things. You can see it at

Ann Babillis said...

Hi Kay,
First, best wishes on your forthcoming quilt sales. A separate tab at the top of the screen for yourquilt sales should be fine. That should be all the separation you need to share your thoughts and ideas without feeling like a marketplace.