Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog Book 6


This is the cover of the 6th blog book I have had printed.

I ordered it last week and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived yesterday.

I have a book printed once a year. This one has 256 pages.


I am sharing just a few pages from the book.


It is a relatively simple process to create a book. I use Blogger for my blog.

I create the books with Blog To Print.


One reason I print the books is to have a record of all of my posts in case Blogger ever disappears from the internet.

My blog is my personal diary, although I do make it public on the internet.


I have also found guests like to page through the books and it is much faster than viewing all those pages on the internet.


cjquilts said...

I like your idea of making a book of your blogs. I will keep that in mind as I've just started blogging.

Robbie said...

I love my blog books! Aren't they just the best!!! And our kids will have our memories (& theirs!) documented so they can read them! My handwriting was getting so bad in my daily journals...blogging is the best!

Mary said...

One of the reasons I made the decision to start a blog about my quilting two years ago is that I saw how you were able to create these books as a permanent record. Thanks for sharing the idea.