Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Palette Of My Hand Dyed And Shibori Fabrics

I had arranged all the fabrics a while ago on my ironing table.

That wasn’t a good idea as I need that table for ironing.

I moved them to a shelf by the window.

That meant they were 6 layers deep and in the sun.

I finally came up with a great solution which puts them right at my fingertips to design with. It is near the design wall behind the sofa and yet somewhat hidden from view  in the main part of the studio.

dyed fabrics drawerandtop

I put some of the plastic drawer units I was no longer using for behind the couch. I use one drawer for the larger pieces and also some I have dyed in the past in the drawer.

The lower drawers hold a variety of things that were in the way!

dyed fabrics rearrangedall

There are two units and I have put the majority of the recently dyed pieces on the top of the units.

This also gave me a chance to revisit pieces I had dyed some time ago.


Eva said...

Isn't it such a pleasure to arrange your material and anticipate your projects? Sometimes this is even enough for me...

Karen Wylie said...

Thank you for posting this photo! It's both helpful and inspirational to a new dyer like me. :-)