Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th


I am sharing an old post card from my post card album with you today.

It has a 2 cent stamp on it!

I purchased an album of post cards at the Shipshewana flea market almost 20 years ago.

There are some beauties in there. As I find time to scan others you’ll get to see some of them.

I also have another post card album that belonged to my father in law.

Almost all of these post cards were actually sent through the mail and have messages on them.

They are so much fun to read.


Mimi said...

I too enjoy post cards. I have trained my relatives to send me post cards when then go "places". Amazingly they now just do it without me having to remind, ask, beg. I have a shoe box where the cards go and am looking forward to grands so I can have show and tell.

I also have the post cards from my mothers house and those years of collecting.

AND I have the box of cards from my maternal grandparents. My grandfather was sick for years and the two of them would read the cards as something to do.... my grandfather was in the Italian Consulate before World War II with postings on many continents so those cards are special. Fun to find a soul who likes cards and has albums as well. Look forward to seeing more cards.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful Post Card story.