Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Changing “Face”!

I admit: I do not like to have my picture taken.

I always think I really look better than those photos!

When I have a picture of myself I like I use it for a long long time.

Kay's portrait fine quality art

This is the photo of myself I have been using on Facebook from day one when I started using Facebook. It was taken a “few” years ago!



This is the new photo I am using on Facebook. I am wearing an indigo scarf I dyed at Focus On Fiber. My girlfriends said the scarf was my new most flattering color.


Both of these photos were cropped out of a group photo.

I think this shows I can be more relaxed and happier and not worry about what the picture is going to look like when I am with friends or family.

I guess I am going to have to figure out how to change my blog photo now too!


Marie Costa said...

I LOVE your new pic! You look relaxed and happy. And I agree that blue is very flattering on you.

Mary Stori said...

You are still the same wonderful Kay I've grown to know and love!!

lcscottage said...

Your are still beautiful Kay!