Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For Never Plaid 2


It only took 3 years and this is done.


The blocks for this quilt spent 3 years on my design wall. I was not looking forward to putting them together as they were different sizes and shapes with no straight edges.


Even after they were joined and quilted there were still a few problem areas. I did some serious trimming and blocking to make this lay relatively flat. The quilting also helps flatten some of the surface irregularity.

The facings control the fullness on the edges.


I will have to say I did not really like the quilt before it was joined, quilted and finished.

Now I love it. It is quite amazing what quilting does for a quilt.

I think it also is successful because even though you may not be able to figure out my plan, there was a definite plan (formula) to the quilt.

If you can figure out the plan then the work is not as successful. Sometimes when a piece is completed I can’t even figure out what my plan was!


Yes, there was a For Never Plaid 1! It was started and finished 3 years ago.



Carol Morrissey said...

These are yummy!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thanks Carol.

Anonymous said...

I like the colors of Plaid 2 better so that is the one I would pick. Also, can tell it was harder to do.... how big are these quilts???

Your finishes are just rolling along and are inspiring.

Julia said...

I just love, love, love these quilts. What fun they would be to make. Can you share your "plan" with us?

Kathy said...

Certainly don't need to figure out your plan to enjoy these. You do such good things with color! Very inspiring to me!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I wish I could share my plan, but my plans are usually very complex and so I don't even remember them. They rely on a lot of design principles.

That is good as I then don't make the same thing over and over! I did those two within a week of each other.

My best advice: Study design and then make LOTS of quilts!

Robin said...

The time on your design wall paid off. Love the finished quilt. Lots of movement.

Sandy said...

Wonderful use of color in both quilts, Kay! I'll say you certainly ARE energized- I have quite a pile of unfinished stuff too, come back to FL!