Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quilt Show: Ten Quilts Finished In Two Months!!!!

Of course I didn’t make these start to finish in this time period.

Some were started 15 or more years ago, while others were started in this calendar year.

I’m just going to share photos of all 10 without commenting on them on this blog post. the photos are in the order they were finished.


Secret Circles


My Elusive Dream


It’s Only Make Believe


Ramblin’ Rose


Mystic Spirit


Sea And Sand

For Never Plaid 2 finished

For Never Plaid 2


Sunrise Sunset


Crystal Clear


Higher Consciousness

These quilts are not a series. I tried to figure out if they have my “signature”?

Do you see anything they all have in common?

At first I didn’t, but I think I do see it now.


Lisa Chin said...


LynDee said...

I think I see the design element of LINE as an important part of each quilt whether the line is straight and horizontal, diagonal to show direction and movement,or curved to enclose space or show motion.
What a good feeling to complete so many great quilts.

Unknown said...


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thanks for your comments.
I love when someone verbalizes what they see in my work and it heps me realize more about my own work.

Sandy said...

All are very big on contrast and value (except the triangular one at the end) Not all have your 'signature', but that's fine because they are wonderful explorations. I'm sure that finishing so many has given you steam to follow one or two of the tracks further along. Whatever you do, your workmanship is flawless! And I am so impressed!

Robin said...

I love the how the geometry of the quilts is softened by the fabric choices or enhanced by them. My Elusive dream remains my favorite-lit from the inside!

Robbie said...

OK...Crystal Clear is coming in close to my favorite, your black and white shibori!!

How great to have these finished!!