Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Triangle Quilt


I pieced this quilt about 5 years ago.

I added the borders today.

The fabrics were ones I dyed over an extended period of time. The border is that cotton/linen damask I love so well. It dyes up beautifully and adds so much texture to my work. Some of the fabrics were discharged. There is even some of the fabric that my son called the ugliest piece of fabric I’d ever created. Fabrics that are ugly as a whole can be fantastic when cut up and used in a composition.

It is about 37 inches high.

It will probably be the next quilt I quilt as I have the correct color bobbins wound!

This one will be a challenge to figure out how to finish it and hang it.


norma said...

Hang it upside down and it will be a snap.

alison said...

Bind (with same colour as the tan border) of face - ditto. And, as Norma said, hang it up the other way.

Helen Howes said...

If you have a loop at the top and a stick inside the bottom binding (can be quite thin) it will hang just fine..


Danielle Hudson said...

The colors go so well together! And I know what you mean. I recently dyed some purple that didn't look so pretty, until i chopped it up!

Sherrie Spangler said...

I love the boldness and simplicity of of your design and colors.

Robbie said...

But we know you'll find a unique way to hang this interesting piece!