Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunrise Sunset Potato Chip Quilt–Finished


This quilt was started in 2011 so it only took a little over a year to finish it!

I straightened up the edges and put a dark multicolor batik binding on it that blended with all the fabrics.

I also added a casing to the top edge on the back. I am not sure I will need the casing as I am thinking of adopting this as my new blankie!

I don’t think this is a quilt I want to sell.

If I want to take a nap I find if I cover myself with a blankie and sit in a lounging chair I am out in a few minutes!

I have previously posted the directions and more information on this quilt on my blog.

You can find the directions here:

I can not begin to count the people who have used these directions and made some really great quilts. I hope you will make one too.

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Dolores said...

I recently finished mine too and posted a photo. It needed a label and a hanging sleeve since it will be displayed at Pioneer Village here in Toronto in July. I directed readers to your instructions. Thank you. It was a fun quilt to make.