Saturday, July 14, 2012

A View Of Works In Progress In My Studio


I have some of my works in progress stored on these quilt racks. I originally used them to display antique quilts.

I do have some pictures of a few of these I can share with you.


This is from the time I was making Amish inspired quilts. It still needs a border and quilting.

Studying Amish quilts is a fantastic way to learn about using color.


This is a section of a mystery quilt I did at a Jinny Beyer Seminar. I don’t “ever” do mystery quilts (by others) but this one intrigued me. I was extremely pleased with the outcome. The quilting will take a lot of time when I figure out what I am going to do!


This quilt was the prototype for a design class I taught. It needs borders and possibly something else.

One of the reasons I have 57 works in progress to finish is because after I designed and taught something in a class there was not time to finish it. It was time to prepare for the next class as well as other things in my life that had priority.

Of course I also have some other lists of work I started called Rework Or Abandon, Not Real Important and Questionable To Finish. I do not have to count the work from those lists.

I am making great progress on the Works In Progress list. One year ago today  there were 84 WIP’s on the list and today there are only 57!

I have finished 12 quilts in 2012 and started 7 more.

If the math doesn’t work out it may be because I can move anything I want to one of those other lists at any time I choose!!!


Anonymous said...

You are RIGHT in that you are making GREAT progress on your Work In Progress list. 30+ finished in a year is more than most of us do in three years.... keep on..... we LOVE looking at your work.

Gayle Bong said...

You may not have to count the projects on those other lists, but we still want to know the numbers. :-)

Robin said...

You are doing great. I completely get the WIP list as mine is also large...eperimentations and class samples mostly.

Diana Louie, The Village Fabric Shoppe said...

I too have a huge number of samples from classes that have never been finished, for the exact reason that you mentioned. I don't feel the need to include these on my list of works in progress, as by definition they are samples, not finished artworks. Work that I really like and want to finish will get done. the rest, is just samples, or inventory if you will - unfinished because I may need to show the piecing details in the seams next time I run the class. Thats my story and I am stitcking to it.

Sharon Robinson said...

You have been inspiring me to attack my WIP list too. I have pulled several out so I have to look at them, and have purged a couple, allowing myself to rationalize that they served their purposes as learning experiences. Thanks for setting an example!