Friday, July 13, 2012

Secret Circles



Almost all the fabrics I used in this quilt are ones I hand painted. There are a few hand dyes which were needed to give the quilt some colors and values it needed.

Each of the circles was inset into a background square.

How many circles can you find? Look very closely as some of them are hard to see.

This quilt was done for almost a year except for the hand sewing required to finish the facings and rod pocket .

I even had about 8 hand sewing needles threaded. Then why did I put it off?

I was dreading sewing on the black background fabric I used on the back. I did find myself moving to a spot nearer the windows to see better. I also find when I am having difficulty seeing something I can actually work by feel, rather than sight if extreme accuracy is not necessary.


I like to use pretty fabrics on the back of my quilts that have some relationship to the front of the quilt. I also choose fabrics that have a lot going on so if the quilting is “less than perfect” it won’t be obvious when you look at the back of the quilt.

I know you have thought I have forgot about including puzzles in my blog. Unfortunately I just haven't had time to do it until today. So enjoy "Secret Ovals" with a "Circle" cut!
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Robin said...

Love the quilt and the puzzle. It's hard to tell which circles are on the fabric and which are quilted in. The colors are wonderful in the way they blend one to the next. Thanks

Anonymous said...

a fun quilt and another addition to your more subtle and elegant grouping.
I tend to use a silk thread when doing hand-sewing that I do not want to show. You could have used a pink or yellow and it will not show when you are finished.

Sylvia at work today in rainy dreary Texas

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thanks for the great tip Sylvia!

Sandy said...

15? Love this subtle piece. Nice work, Kay!