Monday, May 21, 2018

$1 That's What I've Paid For A Lot Of These

What can you buy for $1?
If you look around this house you will see so many things that have I have paid $1 or less for.
My first love when decorating is colored glass.

Almost all the bottles on the shelves were $1. Some of my favorites were FREE as you bought a bottle full of Lestoil and got the beautiful bottle.

My favorite color of glass is RED!

Then  there is the red souvenir glass.

Even opaque glass is something I love….especially these sherbets in robins egg blue.

These black amethyst vases remind me of one that was a family piece that I broke…so I found several more. They look black but when you hold them up to the light they are purple. They are the perfect vases for pansies or Lily of the Valley.

I am only showing you some of my glass. Nothing is of great value but to me it is all priceless.
I hope my family treasures the pieces I’ve passed on to them at Christmas gift givings as much as I do.
Yes, I love it all….old, new….transparent or opaque.

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