Saturday, May 12, 2018

Another Studio View

Studio Quilts 4 edited for blog
This is a view of the design wall area in my studio.
When I took this picture I had a variety of my quilts on the design wall. The 4 sections of the design wall open and there are 12 inch deep shelves to store my fabric and supplies behind it.
You can see many parts of the studio on this one photo.
You can see the track lighting that can wash the entire design wall with LED lighting,
The two sky lights are also visible.
The comfortable sitting area is partially visible.
On a chair at the left side you can see the crocheted afghan I made some 55 years ago with as many colors of wool yarn as I could collect.
The chair with all the circles is a puffy chair which I reupholstered and originally lived in the sunroom.
You can see one of the Scandinavian chairs I purchased on eBay from Belgium. That in itself is an amusing story.
Looking at the far right you see “In Living Color” which is being supported by my quilting hoop for display purposes.
It you look carefully at the same area you see the bed I store quilts on,
Yes, it definitely is a dream studio – something I waited and worked years for and I LOVE it as much today (or possible more) than when I first moved into it.
It is hard to believe I have had this space for almost 25 years now.
In that period of time things have been moved around and changed as my needs have changed.

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MaƂgorzata Kreft said...

Wow! Your studio is fantastic!