Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Studio View, Outside And Inside

I have shown photos of my studio before, but I don’t think I’ve shown one from outside.
The second floor in this photo is my studio.
This was an addition to our home almost 25 years ago.

Studiowindowsbuttonlabels 006
I often refer to it as my studio in the tree tops and this is the view as I sit at the machine and sew. Granny is right there keeping me company.

Granny's quilting bee 077
Granny loves to invite her girlfriends over to visit.

studiobedquiltsstartingfrombottomup 023
This view shares my thread cabinet and the bed area where I store both finished quilts and works in progress.

Anderson with frieds and more studio13109 003
Remember the second largest quilt I ever made,  Jubilation? I shared it with you recently? Here it is displayed on the bed.
You can also see In Living Color displayed on my quilting hoop.
Yes, this is my happy place and I spend many wonderful hours creating here.


Nancy said...

Lovely, Kay- the underbed unit for quilt storage is genius.

Robbie said...

Very inviting...but I want to know more about the quilt on the wall (above the bed) in the last pic!

bonnie banks said...

Me too's so cool!!!

Gina said...

Beautiful quilts and such a lovely space for creating!