Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Where Does The Magic Happen?

You can create anywhere if you really want to.

It took me years to finally have my dream studio.

Yet, I still create in other places too.

Today I am going to share with you some views and ideas from that dream studio.

Studio organizationcredenzarightclosed

This is one of the “new to me” pieces of furniture I am using to organize my studio.

Studio organizationrightcredenzaopen

I have filled it with my painting supplies and some projects. It is great to have similar things all in one location.

Studio organizationmachinesondesk

This is the desk we brought up from the guest room. It is now a sewing machine desk!

Studio organizationsewingarea3leftdrawers

The three shallow drawers on the left were perfect for thread, sewing machine needles and other miscellaneous items I need at the machine.

Studio organizationdeskmiddledrawer

This little middle drawer is perfect for all those little things I can never seem to find.

Studio organizationdeskrightdrawer

The drawer on the right was a file drawer. It took me a while to come up with a way to use it. There are many sewing items I want at my finger tips and I have always kept them in silverware caddies on top of the sewing table.  I was able to fit all three of them in the drawer and still have room for the machine instruction books. There are just as convenient as they were before (maybe more so) and the sewing area looks a lot neater. How’s that for thinking outside the box!

Stay tuned as I will follow up with views of other areas of the studio.


Robbie said...

Like your new items! Handy!!!

Robin said...

Where do the doors of that cabinet go? Love all the drawers. I'm having studio envy