Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Speaking Of Works In Progress!

When I retrieved the clothes that I had saved from the attic I found this dress.
I realized it was never worn because I never finished it. The hem still had the pins in it. I found them after I washed it. There was not even a speck of rust on the pins. I do believe I have a box of pins from that era somewhere in my pharmacy cabinet.

I was able to date the time I constructed this dress from the buttons. Ship and Shore blouses had identical buttons to what I used on this dress. I always tried to copy good ready to wear and searched all over to find just the right buttons and notions so my clothing would not have that "made at home with loving hands" look.

Another tell tale clue are the double box pleats I made to pleat up 3 widths of fabric to fit my 24 inch waist.
I loved making pleated skirts and tried every style I could imagine.
It's amazing this is in such good condition because it was stored in various hot attics, in cold garages and various other locations over the years. I took no special care of it and it was stored in both open and closed cardboard boxes.

It is at least 63 years old!

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Windy Hill Happenings said...

Such a walk down memory lane...Totally forgot "Ship and Shore" blouses but know I had some...Love the dress...reminds me of ones I made and wore (when I had a waistline!)