Friday, May 11, 2018

Before The After Quilt

tuttifruittiquilt (1)
This is the quilt that was displaced when I hung the new one over the dresser.
I never tired of looking at it for the 13 years it hung there.
It was created from some not so big pieces of fabric I dye painted and then over painted with paint. I used almost every bit of the fabrics.

It uses a split complementary color scheme.
I designed it to have “color” weight at the bottom.
The grid was created from an even smaller piece of fabric using the color weight shifting from light in the center to darker at the edges.
The border fabric and binding had an even coloration which allowed the rest of the quilt to be the star of the show.


Ann Scott said...

Really neat and clever quilt! I wonder if it took very long to decide on the binding or if you knew that was what you were going to use from the get-go? I found you via Nina Marie Creations!

Kathleen Pitts said...

So sorry, but this is a question about the dresser. My husband builds beautiful furniture and that dresser is so beautiful. Is that dresser custom made? Don't worry, we are not going to copy the design, just wondering.