Friday, May 11, 2018


print screen numbers
If you follow my blog or watch my Facebook posts May 10th was a momentous date.
Shortly after 2:30 pm I received the ONE MILLIONTH view of my blog.
Unfortunately I have no way of knowing who it was.
But since so many of my friends were watching and the numbers turned over 100 at once it was probably you if you were one of my friends who were watching to see it happen.
Pageviews all time history
That’s pretty exciting for someone who started blogging on September 13,  2008 not knowing what she was doing. That is less than 10 years ago!
I think of my blog as my personal diary, but unlike a teenager who keeps her diary locked up, I share it with you.
It's a great way to check what I was doing when and see some of the things I’ve accomplished and places I’ve been in these years.
Stay with me, there is more to come!