Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Jubilation–A Gargantuan Task

This is the second largest quilt I have ever made. The only larger one is the bed spread/quilt I made for our king size bed.
It started out to be 108 inches square and after quilting ended up 104 inches square.

Quilting a quilt this size on a domestic sewing machine is a major challenge.
Quilting this one was MORE than a major challenge.
I had planned free motion quilting for the curvy lines on the background.
I had machine trouble doing that so the entire quilt had to be done with the presser foot down, stopping and turning each time the lines changed direction.
I had less than two weeks to quilt and finish this quilt in my spare time.  I made it in time.
The pieced sections were made with a variety of solid commercial fabrics. They were cut with a special triangle shape ruler which was new at that time.
I sketched the design of the quilt but couldn’t complete it as I had no source for fabric that shaded from light to dark gray. When I learned more about dyeing fabric I created the grey fabric.


Miss Jean said...

This is stunning. It will be awesome hanging on the wall. Kinda makes me want to close the blinds/curtains to “remove” the glare. The effect is superb.

Robin said...

I love the lit from within effect! I have quilted a queen sized quilt on my Pfaff and it was arduous. I salute your efforts.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Your quilt really seems to glow!