Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New ART In The “Parlor”

Like all the rest of my house the “parlor” is very eclectic. You can see a sampling of the variety of styles and ages of furniture. I felt it needed more green so Greg and Nicholas hung Imagine, one of my Ice Tapestries for me.
I added more green last year with two dark green Scandinavian chairs and ottomans.
Although this is the most formal living area in our house the grandchildren have always gravitated to this room since they were very young. Now that they are older they use it to study, play with their game devices and make music.

This is the quilt that previously hung in that spot. The photo was taken before I moved some furniture into this room from another room.
My home is a gallery and all the pieces I hang are for sale.

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piecefulwendy said...

Both quilts are so different, but so impressive! I like the eclectic vibe!