Sunday, May 6, 2018

Ice Tapestries- The Last And Some Of The Very Best

Walgreens 40 ice Sacred spirits
                                                       Sacred Spirits

                                                    Red Delicious

                                 Scrolling Down The Avenue



Walgreens 16 icewalgreens 15 ice
      Monets Garden 5                            Monets Garden 6

  walgreens 19 ice
                               In Full Bloom

I hope you have enjoyed seeing all my finished Ice Tapestries.
I think it is quite obvious that I don’t do the same thing twice.

What isn’t obvious is the sizes of the pieces as I try to make them all fit this space.
Karma is the largest piece measuring 103 wide and 50 inches high.
The last 3 are the smallest and the rest are somewhere between.

I have others that are waiting to tell me what I should do with them and they also are patient enough to wait until I have the time to do the work.

Each piece is a labor of love and I take my time being sure I do it justice as it becomes a finished piece of ART.


Robbie said...

Limenosity is calling me! Love that vivid color!!!!

piecefulwendy said...

These are amazing, Kay!