Monday, May 7, 2018

Everyone Will Want To Read This And See The Photos

I have been posting all of my completed Ice Tapestries that were not included in my show Florida Ice in Ocala, Florida that closed April 26th.
When curators are selecting the quilts for a show they look for a group that will make a cohesive exciting show. They certainly did a great job for this show.
But with this in mind, often some of the very best work can’t be included.
It may be too large for the space, may not work well with the other pieces that are selected or may be colors of which there is already too much.

I have been sharing the ones that weren’t in the show for the last several days.
In case you missed some or all of them I am including the links to each post here for your viewing pleasure.


All you have to do to see them is click on each link, or click on the top or bottom link and then scroll up or down. I hope this makes your day even better than it already is!

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