Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Creative Ideas For Your Creative Space

How many people feel they have to have the most expensive cabinets and sewing machines to create there work?
Coming up with ways to use vintage and old things is another form of creativity.
What do you own that you are not using right now?

This  is an old post office desk that I use to store my yarn and my knitting supplies.

These crocks have been used for various things through the years.

The bed where I store my larger quilts was a $10 auction find.

Nothing like these inexpensive drawers to store just about anything and they can be reconfigured to fit whatever space you have available. They are actually more functional that those expensive cabinets for sewing rooms.

This is a photo of my working studio. Sometimes it looks better, sometimes worse.
To me a studio is not a showroom, it is a place where you can be inspired and create.
I realize you are not going to find the same items I have, but think about what you have or find and how you could use it in your space.
One of the best pieces of advice I can give is put as much as possible on wheels so it can be moved around when you decide to change the arrangement for what you are currently doing.
I wish I had photos of all the make shift places I have sewn and created over the years but I have none. Usually it was just my sewing machine in whatever room there was a space for it and if I was lucky a place for an ironing board! Yet, I never let than stop me as where there is a will there is a way.

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Robin said...

I love the wall of yarn. I'm striving for that kind of storage. IKEA to the rescue.