Thursday, May 10, 2018

Rambling Rose

Rambling rosefinished
This is a time lapse quilt.
I made the background planning on it being a quilt and realized it didn’t work.
It was put aside until a new idea popped up.
I did some applique with an assortment of odd fabrics and then it was put aside again.
Eventually I finished the applique and quilted it. All that was left to do was finish it with a binding and put a casing on the back to hang it.
It is not unusual for a quilt to take over 10 years to tell me what it wants to be. When I listen the results are worth it.


Bonnie Copeland said...

I have done that with paintings...I started a painting in watercolor and it was of a white egret in a swamp, standing on a log. I got all the foliage done, and the log and bird......I just didn't feel competent to do the I put it away and continued painting in watercolor....ten years later I decided I could finish the picture. It turned out really nice and now hangs at my sisters house. Your quilt is lovely and I can see why you said it didn't work.....because it didn't. The applique was perfect and made it one very special quilt. Great job.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Some projects just need to marinate, don't they? Those quilts frequently do get better with time. Congrats on the finish!

Anonymous said...

that is beautiful. I love the term "time lapse quilt".

Gina said...

Your foreground applique adds such beautiful color and movement; certainly worth the wait time for it to speak to you!