Monday, December 1, 2008

8 Point Star - student work

When I teach I tell students I will put their work on my blog if they send a photo.
I think you will find these examples very interesting.

When I teach a class I give recommendations (guidelines) on how to choose colors and fabrics. All my classes emphasize the use of color as that is one of the things I do and teach best.

Sometimes students have their own ideas and don't want to follow these guidelines. It is their choice whether or not to do what I suggest.

I also tell them to "Prove me wrong". Tonight I am putting examples of one students choices for you to see. She took the "Prove me wrong" challenge!

For this quilt I suggest solids for the strata in the star points.

Here is one of the quilts I did with solids (You've seen this on my blog before.)

Barb Valone completed two tops from this class.

In the first one she used solids (or possibly some solid prints - it's hard to tell from the photo) for the points.

In the second one she used prints for the strata.

Another difference between her two pieces is the contrast. Her first quilt has values similar to the background in the strata.
Her second quilt uses greater contrast in value between the strata and the background.
Each quilt uses the same background.

There isn't a right or a wrong, there are just different ways to approach something.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Barb's work and seeing different interpretations of the same design.


Judi said...

Great quilts!! I really like the first one. Is this your own pattern?

Leslie said...

I really liked the quilts, I must say a tonal background makes reading the star more successful, but I'd still be delighted to have any of them. Thank you for sharing them.