Friday, December 5, 2008

Quilt 322 or June Series Quilt 19

I just finished the 19th and last quilt in my June Series.
This is one of the two series that will be part of my Solo Show opening in January.
What a wonderful freeing feeling to have all 19 finished.
Sorry - I can't show it!
It's also the 322nd quilt I've finished in the last 30 plus years since I started quilting.
I also keep a record of my works in progress. That list just shrunk to 79!
When the WIP list threatens to go over 100 I review it and move some of them to the rework or abandon list. Then I no longer count those. I also started a new list to move things to "Questionable to Finish".
But I can show you some quilts I designed on the computer now than I know how to share Corel files.

I designed this log cabin quilt using patterns that resembled fabrics we were given for a quilt guild challenge years ago. I printed this out on several pieces of fabric to make it large enough.Then I added the actual fabrics to the 4 corner squares. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the finished quilt before I sold it.

Does this image look familiar? This is an intersecting fields of color quilt. This is the quilt on my logo before I distorted it.
Click to Mix and Solve
Today's jig saw puzzle is also something I designed on the computer. My students were designing their quilts for my Graduate School - Shapes class following the guidelines I gave them. At the same time I was learning to use the computer to manipulate designs and used the class exercises as a challenge to myself.

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Judi said...

Another great puzzle 9:39. love the quilts you designed on the computer. Now to see them made???