Friday, December 26, 2008

Once Upon a Time, a long, long time ago. . . . .

I used to quilt by hand.

I quilted this entirely by hand. It deserved hand quilting. Some quilts are better quilted by hand. When possible I like to see traditional quilts quilted by hand.
This is also one of the quilts that will be in the gift shop at my show in January.
The details about the show are in the top right column on this page.

I never thought my hand quilting was that great, but as I look at the stitches on the photo they're really pretty decent. You can click on this photo to get a closer look at the quilting.

The quilts I am currently creating call for the sharper lines and curves created by machine quilting. The effect of hand quilting would soften the strong graphic images I currently create and that is not what those quilts need.
That is one of the wonderful things about quilting - it's not a one size fits all art.

That is also one of the things I think about when creating the puzzles for you to enjoy. They are not a one size fits all thing as some of you like the easier ones and some of you love the challenge of a harder one with more pieces.

Tonight's puzzle is also another quilt that will be in the gift shop at my show. It is made from silk I marbled and the border is a gorgeous piece of deep red cotton sateen. The quilt actually hangs vertically and is a little narrower than what you see in the puzzle. I resize photos to make them fit the puzzle size better.

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