Tuesday, December 30, 2008

As 2008 is coming to a close. . . . . .

Time seems to spin faster and faster each year.
I am pleased to have finished 20 quilts in 2008. The two previous years I only finished 2 each year.
I have no UFO's.
It is indeed a good feeling.
Of course my upcoming solo show with 40 quilts in the show and numerous quilts for sale in the gift shop had a lot to do with that.
Somehow there's nothing like a deadline!

As some of you may know I celebrated my 25,000 day old birthday on February 29th!
What a unique combination to reach this milestone on Leap Day! I had a big party at my home in Florida with 64 guests. It was such a fun party as no one had ever been to a 25,000 day old party before. I got to make the rules!
There was a very strict no gift rule and of course no one who brought a bottle of wine considered it a gift! I did have 2 good friends who circumvented the rule by giving me a "hostess gift"!
I had intended to make all the food - appetizers and desserts - but being Florida so many friends brought something that I hardly had to do any cooking. My part was providing the Mardi Gras type welcome necklaces each with 3 flamingoes and a sun that everyone got as they came in. The people who finished the get acquainted game (all about me) recieved a lighted flashing flamingo pin. Flashing flamingoes were also given out to those who were an answer to one of the questions on the get acquainted game - and there were people there from various stages in my life who all live in FL now.
Of course flamingoes were evident both outside and inside any place I could think to put them. And I also provided everyones favorite beverages. It was dark when people left and they could then see the changing color light balls I had lined the walkways with. All in all, I have to say it was my best party ever.
I don't think anyone took any photos - they were all too busy having fun.

One more thing - before the rest of you quilters hate me because I have no UFO's I have to explain.
I have ONLY 79 works in progress!!!! I work hard to keep that number under 100. When it threatens to get over 100 I move some things to the rework or abandon list. Then I don't have to count them. I recently started another list called "Maybe I don't want to finish it". I don't have to count those either.


Jan said...

I love the idea of a "Maye I don't want to finish it" list. Can I borrow that idea? My UFO list is also under 100. However my UFO list in my mind is definitely over 100!
Jan in cooler than Fl weather

Anonymous said...

Hey grandma it's Blake I think the cube with your quilts is pretty cool. Sorry it took me so long to see it I didn't really checkk my email very carefully over my semester break at all.