Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time To Trim The Tree

Digital Cameras Fun
I've created some Christmas ornaments for you with a few of my quilts.

Digital Cameras Tools
I hope you enjoy them.

Process photos from digital cameras

This "real" tree belongs to my sister Karen, her husband Clay and their dog Bella.
It is a very interesting artistic metal tree decorated with woodsy ornaments, perfect for their home on the lake.

Bella is today's puzzle. Bella is always so excited to see me. I've used my favorite cut, "the lizard cut", for this puzzle.
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karenfae said...

That was an interesting tree - very unique and unusual! I bet you are digging out from snow once again - I heard on the news that you have a lot - guess you had time to shovel out the driveway and rest a day just to do it all over again. We have the cold temps, but not the snow

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

The snow was shoveled and plowed and shoveled on Friday and the driveway and walks are clear.
Today it is -7 degrees with a windchill of -32 degrees. It's really blowing the snow around but I think it is too cold to get the 6 more inches they predicted. The way the wind is blowing more shoveling will probably be necessary. Tomorrow it will warm up to 8 degrees and by Tuesday it should be a balmy 25 degrees.