Sunday, December 21, 2008

Red Sky At Morning

This quilt has an optically dimensional appearance to it.
I created these strip pieced units according to a formula I devised. I played with them until I was satisfied with the arrangement. The gray vertical strips contribute to the dimensional appearance. This is one of the quilts that will be in the gift shop at my show in January.

You won't see this one in the gift shop. I just taught myself how to change the colors of a photo.

Red sky at morning, sailors take warning
Red sky at night, sailors delight.
I'm sure we didn't have a red sky last night. This has been the coldest day we've had this season. Not only is it cold, we have a lot of beautiful fluffy show that the wind is blowing every which way. Our temperatures today ranged from -2 degrees to a plus 5!
When the wind let up I could see it blew open the door on the shed on the "Back Forty".
There is too much snow to even wade through to close the door. It would mean shoveling 2 feet of snow to move the door. Fortunately the shed is empty. And in 3 or 4 months the snow will melt - I hope. And it's really not the "Back Forty" - it's only the "Back Thirty"! And make that 30 feet!

I should be in Florida where it was 77 degrees at noon.

I think it is time to think Florida. I hope this will make you feel like you are in Florida enjoying the sunshine.
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This is my sister in law Carol enjoying the lanai in Florida. The quilt on the wall is Apple Blossom Time. It is done in decorator fabrics. It attaches to the wall with industrial strength Velcro. We can take it down when we are not there.

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