Friday, December 19, 2008

My Favorite Santa

My favorite Santa appeared on my blog last night but I wanted you to see him better.
Here is a close up of him. He is my very favorite Santa.

He is holding rolls of quilting fabrics. In his hand is a spool of thread and the sewing basket the doll holds has thread, scissors, fabric, pins and a thimble. He is a most appropriate Santa for me.

I had a wonderful evening tonight hosting a dinner for my siblings. Last year on Christmas Day we were all together without our extended families. I enjoyed it so much I decided to invite them all here. Of course it is always fun when the entire family gets together but there is something special about getting together with just the sisters, brother and spouses. We had a wonderful dinner and lots of good conversation. I furnished the main course and each one of them contributed to the meal.
I'd like to introduce you to my sisters, brother and spouses.

I am the oldest and after me comes Karen.

This is Karen's husband Clay.

Next in line is Connie.

Our brother Bill is the youngest.

Here is Bill's wife and our favorite sister in law Mary.
I think you can tell by looking at everyone what a good time we had.

Bill feels we always do more girls stuff rather than man stuff. So in his honor he and his lovely wife Mary will be your puzzle tonight. On the wall behind them is one of my quilts. I do hope I get a comment from their son Craig when he reads tonights blog and does the puzzle! After all, I am his favorite Aunt Kay.
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Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I will be spending tomorrow with my family or brothers and sisters! Looking at yours makes me feel just the way I feel when we are all together and having a good time. That is the best thing about Christmas, it brings us all together.
Merry Christmas to you!