Sunday, December 28, 2008


Everyone who looked at this quilt said "WOW"!
So that's what I named it. It is about 98 x 50 inches in size.
I used decorator fabrics for this quilt. They won't fade as easily as quilt fabrics. It hangs in the sunroom directly across from the 10 feet of glass. I wasn't about to take a chance putting so much work into something that might fade quickly if I used quilt fabric.
It was designed for this wall. It was a real challenge to hang. It has a double thickness second back put on after quilting. That is open at the center to slide 2 pieces of foam core in. Slats are taped to the foam core to hold it rigid.
There are buttonholes in the backing fabric and holes in the foam core in the same location. Getting the holes in both to line up with the hooks on the wall was a major challenge for my husband and myself. I would compare it to a husband and wife trying to wall paper a small bathroom together!
Originally this wall was off white. When I did some redecorating I had it painted this high gloss green which really makes the quilt pop. After the wall was painted it was the painters job to rehang it.

I hope you enjoy doing the WOW puzzle today.

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Exuberant Color said...

that is one I bet you'll never make a second one of. I can see why they said WOW.

Judi said...

Ican see why everyone says WOW. That is one georgeous quilt.

Leslie said...

WOW, indeed, my goodness, it might be hard to live with as it would distract me like a shiny object. Maybe I was a magpie in another life..

KarenF said...

I would have named it "OH MY LORD!"...but WOW says it all. I can't imagine how long it took! Even with decorator fabrics, I would be careful about the light exposure...check the specifications if you have them to see what the light fastness test is rated for them. I had 2 sofas in a client's lobby (commercial grade fabrics) that were exposed to filtered sunlight and had to be recovered in less than 2 years.

Anyway, GORGEOUS quilt! Thanks for sharing!