Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflecting on 2008 and the New Millennium

As I think back on 2008 it has been an eventful year.
NO, you are not going to get a report on everything I've done!!!!!!!!!!
Instead I'm going to share some photos from a very memorable New Year's Eve with you.
Who can forget New Years Eve 2000? We were all concerned about what was going to happen when the clocks and computers tried to change from 1999 to 2000. As it turned out there were no significant problems.
I did have jugs of water ready and that was about it!

This was the year my 8 grandchildren each received their Milllennium Quilts I made for Christmas.

Please click on the article and photo and they'll enlarge so can read the story about the quilts.

Jerry and I are showing one of the quilts to Uncle Joe and Aunt Sue. You remember Aunt Sue - she's the one who makes the great hand made Christmas cards but you can't see her, only a little of Uncle Joe's face!

For one family of grandchildren this started a tradition of sleeping in the living room with their quilts around the Christmas tree on New Years Eve.

The quilts are made to sleep under ONLY ON NEW YEAR'S EVE or other special occasions. They each came with a journal to keep track of where they were, who they were with and to put photos in.

The local grandchildren joined us for a New Year's Eve children's party. They made games, played games, ate lots of good stuff, made noise, tried to break the pinata, and watched the fireworks. The fireworks were one of the neatest things as all our neighbors were all shooting off fireworks and we were also seeing them on the TV right next to the glass doors. They all stayed up and welcomed the New Year in in New York and were still wide awake when we welcomed the New Year in Wisconsin. Then they fell asleep under their quilts.
The newspaper photo was taken at our party.
They made a time capsule which I have for safe keeping for them to open in ????.

I wish you all a Very Happy New Year!


Exuberant Color said...

What an undertaking! They are spectacular quilts. I love quilts made from squares.

Speaking of jugs of water from New Years Eve 2000, I still have some of them in my basemtent bathroom. Emergency water for the toilet in case the water line has a problem. I figured there wasn't any sense in emptying them. 9 year old water anyone?

Vicki W said...

What a cool story and a massive project! Were you just sick of them once you were done? what a treasure thse quilts must be for your grandchildren!

Mary L. said...

What a fantastic story and gifts for your grandchildren. I thought I did good making 11 Christmas quilts last year (some of them just sofa size) but there were nothing compared to these quilts. And how wonderful to include the journal and create the tradition of sleeping under them on New Year's Eve. Now I have to go find my husband and let him read the story. Wish I'd thought of it! But then I wasn't even quilting in 2000. Darn!

Gene Black said...

Great article. I learned a good bit more about you too. Thanks for sharing that.

The quilts are lovely.

Cindra said...

Wow! I am impressed. I have 8 grandchildren and they each have a quilt, but not like those!!! And I love the idea of the journal and the tradition you have started. You are an awesome Grandmother!